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Student Dues Collection on July 10th and 11th from 9:30 am - 1:30 pm.  Read the latest news story below for information on the times and what payments are accepted for your student.


Aloha and welcome to Waipahu High School, Home of the Marauders. As a College and Career Academy high school, we’re focused on helping students to identify their passion, and providing the opportunities and supports for success. Our student-centered motto is My Voice • My Choice • My Future.

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Academies of Waipahu

Dues Collection and other payments for SY19-20

Waipahu High School will be accepting payments for dues on July 10th and 11th from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. Payments will be accepted for Juniors and Seniors on July 10th, Sophomores and Freshmen on July 11th.
College Math Students

College Mathematics Class Raise Awareness About Child Abuse

As part of a project for the College Mathematics Class, students designed a t-shirt and sold it to family and friends. Students had to apply their math skills to do cost analysis. Together they raised $150 to donate to Child and Family Service. Child and Family Service help children of abuse or neglect through programs that educate and counsel families in their time of need.
KHON Take Two interviews our Academy of Health and Sciences students to share their learning experiences in high school and how that has impacted their post-secondary choices.


At a Glance

  • $26.5 million in Scholarships
  • Two NCAC Certified Academies
  • WASC Accredited To 2024
  • 12 Early College Olympians with Associates Degree
  • National FBI Yearbook Recognition
  • 18 Seal of Biliteracy from 15 students
  • 313 received Honor Recognition in Class of 2018
  • 450 Students Enrolled in Early College Courses