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Turn in your Free/Reduced lunch application

One of the forms your child received is the white free/reduced lunch application.  If you have qualified in the past or believe you may qualify because of changes in your earnings, we are asking for your assistance to fill out and sign the form and have your child return it to their period 4 teacher.    

There is also a blue form attached to the application (See below) for those of you that do not meet the income eligibility, have completed the online form, or completed the form for a sibling at another public school.  Please check off your status and turn in the signed blue form. 

We are asking that your student return the white or blue form based upon your response.  This will help us account for all of our students and minimize any follow up call to ask for your assistance. 

Based upon the approved forms of qualified students, this will inform us if we are able to keep our Title I status. 

This information will be posted on our website at www.waipahuhigh.org.  Thank you for your time regarding this matter. 

F/R acknowledgement


If you prefer, this the link to the online meal application. 


For more information, click on the link below to reach the SFSB website regarding meal applications: