Businesses and Community Leaders for WHS

August 29 - Open House

We are asking for your support by completing the Free/Reduced Lunch Application.The free/reduced lunch applications determine Waipahu High School's Title I status. Students who are eligible can qualify for benefits like:
  • Free waivers to take SAT/ACT Tests (up to 2 tests)
  • Application fees when applying to college (up to 4 colleges)
  • Discounts for our school's credit recovery courses
  • Student-Athlete fees waived when registering for NCAA/NAIA eligibility
Title I also provides additional funding to support educational programs, initiatives, and activities that benefit all our students. Please help us by turning in your child's form by September 10 to their English teacher.
You can submit a paper application or through the online application.
Follow the link directing to online meal application:
For more information, click on the link below to reach the School Food Services Branch website regarding meal applications:
Thank you for your support and we hope to see you there!