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International Dignitaries Visit Waipahu High School

President Hilda C. Heine - October 29, 2019

President Heine photographed with Mr. Keith Hui (Complex Area Superintendent), Mr. Keith Hayashi (WHS Prinicpal), and group from WHS.
On Tuesday, October 29, President Hilda C. Heine from the Republic of the Marshall Islands spoke with our English Learner (EL) students. She is the first Marshallese woman to be chosen as president of the 33 membership of Marshall Islands Nitijela (National Parliament).

Mr. Joel B. Lopez and Ms. Grace Ann Bulos - October 30, 2019

Mr. Joel B. Lopez and Ms. Grace Ann Bulos photographed with Mr. Keith Hayashi, Ms. Meryl Matsumura and group from Waipahu High School
On Wednesday, October 30, Mr. Joel B. Lopez, the Schools Division Superintendent, (formerly of Laoag City; now Batac City) Region I, Philippine Department of Education and Ms. Grace Anne Bulos, Consul, Culutural and Community Relations, Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu also visited Waipahu High School!