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Ivy League Club Gets a Visit from Ivy League Graduates

"Don't be afraid to fail. You will be defined in life by how you handle failure." - Michael Young
"[SAT] Tests are not a measurement of your intelligence. It's like a game. Practice, understand the system and beat the game." - Ben Dookchitra
These are just some of the wise words shared by the Ivy League graduates, Michael Young and Ben Dookchitra who are current members of the Pacific Century Fellows program.
Student Listens to Speakers      Michael Young and Ben Dookchitra visit WHS
Ivy League Club Listening to Speakers Michael Young and Ben Dookchitra visit WHS
The Early College Ivy League Club members were given an opportunity to speak with former Ivy League graduates, Ben Dookchitra and Michael Young on November 22, 2019. Ben Dookchitra was a former Princeton and Harvard student, he is now the Senior Vice President of Eagle Point Hotel Partners. Michael Young, who is now the Vice President of Albert C. Kobayashi, Inc, was a graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University.
The mission of the Waipahu High School Ivy League Club is to encourage and prepare our students to aim higher and challenge themselves to apply to "Top Tier" schools.
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