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Women's Tech Talk - Nov. 19th.

You and your daughter are invited to attend a Women Tech Tok virtual meeting on Thursday November 19 at 6 pm via WebEx.  You will hear from female graduates who will share their experiences about their High School Industrial and Engineering Technology courses and how it has lead them to their college and career choice in the IET field. 

You can register for this event by clicking on the following link (  There will be a lucky drawing eligible for everyone that registers.  We hope you take advantage of this event.  

Parent testimonial:  

My name is Marla Miyamura and I am so proud of my daughter - she has a bright future ahead of her and it all started with her enrolling in the IET (Industrial Engineering Technology) core classes as a 9th grader. She loves her field and last year, as a Junior in College doing freelance work, she earned $20K to fund her post graduation plans to live on her own.

I want your daughter to have these same opportunities.

Come with your daughter and learn more at the Women Tech Tok Thursday Online Meet and Greet. Thursday, November 19 at 6pm HST.

Three female graduates of IET from the Leeward District will Talk Story and be available to answer your questions.

Students and their parents are invited to register for this event -all those who attend will be eligible for a lucky drawing prize. 

Register Now! Space is limited!