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Christmas Comes Early for One Academy

Christmas came early for the Academy of Professional and Public Services (APPS) this year. The Eta Sisters which is a Chapter of the Alpha Delta Kappa International Honorary Sorority for Women Educators donated over a $1,000 and material for masks to APPS. After hearing of some of the community service projects the APPS teachers were doing, the Eta Sisters decided that it was an altruistic opportunity to support Waipahu High School.
Since students were not on campus to prepare foods, teachers in APPS stepped up with the guidance of the Culinary Arts teachers to provide food for frontline heroes and people needing help in partnership with Chef Hui. APPS teachers along with Chef Hui had a part in serving over 26 organizations and have given out over 15,000 meals to people in need. The teachers also got together to make Thanksgiving pies for the school faculty and Chef Hui.
While planning for students to return to school, some of the APPS teachers decided to sew masks for students who might not have one or forgot to bring it to school. They also took donations from people who were interested in getting a mask. The Eta Sisters dug deep in their closets and looked for material to donate. There were yards and yards of great material for the teachers to make masks.
The Academy of Professional and Public Services’ vision is to helps students to perform at the highest levels through authentic experiences that creates positive change for themselves, their communities, and the world. Throughout the pandemic, the APPS teachers have lived the vision and hope to inspire their students to do good however they can. It was icing on the cake for the APPS teachers to be recognized by the Eta Sisters.