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WHS Return to Learn Parent/Guardian Letter & Opt-in Form

Updated 3.19.21

Aloha Waipahu Parents and Guardians:

Thank you to those who have already completed the Return-to-Learn opt-in form for each student in your family to help us plan for the return to campus.  

For those of you who have NOT completed the Return-to-Learn opt-in form, the deadline to submit your response has been extended to Monday, March 8th, at 3pm. An opt-in response is needed for each child that attends Waipahu High School.  

For those of you that answered YES for your child to return to campus, your child will be expected to attend classes in person on their assigned hybrid letter day.  

If you answered NO for your child to return to campus, your child will continue to attend classes virtually.  

If you did NOT submit an Opt-In form response for your child, they will be expected to attend classes in person on their assigned hybrid letter day. 

You do not have to fill out the opt-in form if your child is on Full Distance Learning through Edmentum

Please complete the form as this will help us prepare for the safe return of students in the 4th quarter. You can read more about the plan to return to learning on campus through our website at https://www.waipahuhigh.org or through our social media accounts.  You may also access the opt-in form directly by clicking on this link (http://bit.ly/whsrtl2021)

If you have questions, please call the school at 307-9555. 

Thank you again for your continued partnership in your child’s education. 

Waipahu High School is planning to transition back to campus our hybrid students in the 4th quarter, starting on March 22nd.  This would not apply to students that choose the Full Distance Learning through Edmentum.  Those students will continue as full distance learners.  

Please review the documents below for more information regarding how students will return to school and the safety protocols that students will be asked to follow.  

If your child is not learning using Edmentum, they will need to submit a response on the opt-in survey.  Please click on the link (http://bit.ly/whsrtl2021) and submit a separate response for each child attending Waipahu High.  Please complete the opt-in survey by Friday March 5th.  This will provide information on what additional preparations will need to be made before the fourth quarter. 

Keep updated by checking back here for the most updated information regarding the Return to Learn at Waipahu High.  Thank you for your assistance.