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Return to Learn - In-Person Instruction beginning April 19th

We would like to take this opportunity to update everyone on
our school’s plan to increase in-person learning. Beginning
Monday, April 19th, in addition to the current seniors and
exceptional students who are already attending in-person
instruction on their designated letter day, Waipahu High School
will be welcoming back students in grades 9, 10, and 11 who
selected to attend in-person on their designated letter day.
All students on the Edmentum Program will continue with
Full Distance Learning. These students will not be attending any
classes on campus.
Waipahu High School remains fully committed to
implementing appropriate measures to mitigate health risks.
Should any changes to health and safety guidelines be issued by
the Hawaii State Department of Health or Hawaii State
Department of Education subsequent changes may be made to
these plans.
Lastly, we ask that all students and families stay
connected to our school via our school website at and follow us on our social media
accounts on Twitter and Instagram, @waipahuhighschool for the
latest news, updates, and information.
The cafeteria will be open from 7:30 am - 8:00 am for the week of April 19th for the following services
1.   Students can get their schedules, maps.  We will also have guides to help students get to their classes
2.  Purchase earbuds for $1.00
3.  Borrow a chromebook for the day.  They need to have their school ID.  They return the chromebook after school in front of the library.
4.  Get wifi on their personal device (no phones). They need to have 3 things before we can put wifi on.
     a)  Computer Name
     b)  MAC address
     c)  Anti-virus software installed
See attached for instructions on how to get all the above information and some recommendations for free anti-virus software.