Administrative Team

Waipahu Complex Staff members visit Waipahu High to align complex efforts in support of the School's Academies

Staff members from Waipahu Intermediate School, Waikele Elementary and the Pearl City-Waipahu Complex office spent their morning at Waipahu High School to visit classrooms and hear from students and teachers from the different Academies.  The goal was to build a better understanding of the Academy Model and how our feeder schools can support the students through aligning our complex efforts from elementary school through the intermediate before students start at the high school.  


Staff members spent time learning about different Academy efforts from teachers and student ambassadors and presenters.  They were able to visit different academy presentations and see what goes on in the classroom to view student learning experiences.  Q&A time was built into each session to give our visitors a chance to learn more of the student experience. 


August Ahrens Elementary, Honawai Elementary, Kaleiopu'u Elementary and Waipahu Elementary will be visiting Waipahu High on Friday.