Homecoming Cheer Practice

Waipahu High welcomes visitors from Hokkaido.

Waipahu High School welcomes this week students and education officials from Hokkaido.  The visitors include Mr. Toshihiro Kodama, Vice Governor of Hokkaido.  The sharing of cultures and perspective are vital to gaining a better understanding of our world. Thank you to the Hokkaido delegation for learning more about Waipahu High as well as sharing your culture with us.

As part of the visit, the 5 students have spent time with our families and have attended classes to learn about Waipahu High and the learning opportunities that our students have.  As part of the cultural exchange, these students have also shared their cultural experiences with our students. 

There are 5 students from 5 different schools.  It is their first time visiting Hawaii and are enjoying their homestay with families of our Japanese language students.  A special thanks goes out to the WHS families who are hosting them and sharing their Aloha!   They will return to Hokkaido this Sunday 1/22.