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Welcome to the Counseling Department. If you have any questions you may contact the following counselors by calling 307-9400 or see below for their email link.


Academies: Counselor:
Health & Sciences (A-Z) Natalie Yonemura
Natural Resources (A-Z) Tamra Nakai
Arts and Communication (A-M) Jzchana Rivera
Arts and Communication (N-Z) Freeman Cheung
Industrial & Engineering Technology (A-L) Tracee Kinjo
Industrial & Engineering Technology (M-Z) Lisa Yahiku-Hiromoto
Professional & Public Services (A-L) Stacey Suzuki
Professional & Public Services (M-Z) Trixia Soria
AVID Counselor
Kyle Unebasami
ELL (Grades 9-12) Christina Tagal
Post High School Counselor (A-I)
Lisa Scudder          
Post High School Counselor (J-Z)
Kayleen Akana       





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