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ANR Student Ambassadors

Peer Leaders

Select students from grades ten to twelve are trained to represent the Academy of Natural Resources. They lead school tours and speak on behalf of the three programs of study within the academy. These student ambassadors meet once a week on Thursdays, during their advisory period.  Academy teachers Rachel Domingo, Kisa Matlin, and James Fitzpatrick coordinate activities and training for these young ambassadors.
Being an ambassador comes with many extra responsibilities but it also has its privileges. You will serve as the “bridge” between your peers and your teachers. As an ambassador, you will be expected to lead yourself, your peers, and other distinguished guests with a positive attitude. You will also be expected to be able to communicate effectively face to face, email, and text message.
ANR Ambassador Committees
  • Events & Presentations
  • School Programs (Tutoring, Fundraising, etc)
  • Community Service & Outreach