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Engineering Pathway

The Academy of Engineering (AOE) is a four-year NAF Certified Academy. First year AOE students get a glimpse of the many different types of Engineering Careers and begin to experience the skills necessary for future Engineers to learn. During their second year, the students learn 3D solid modeling and have the opportunity to be industry-certified in using the computer-aided design (CAD) software called SolidWorks, which is widely used for manufacturing and mechanical engineering. The students' third year focuses on architectural and civil engineering by learning the building information modeling (BIM) Autodesk Revit software for an industry-partner based Tiny House Design Challenge. The students will also learn the importance of environmental sustainability. A final year AOE student uses their knowledge gained from previous years to produce a Capstone project of their choice that could be used in his/her STEM Honors, CTE Honors, and/or Science & Engineering Fair projects. The students will also focus on searching for college and scholarship opportunities focusing around their desire to have an Engineering or STEM career.