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IET students shine at CTSO Convention!

IET's SkillsUSA student members competed in performance tasks at the 2020 CTSO Convention on February 26-27. We are very proud of all of them. Congratulations to the top finishers!
Arielle Asis - 1st place, Job Interview
Braedon Bucao - 1st place, Internetworking
Kyle Calucag & Neriz Faith Galacgac - 2nd place, Mobile Robotics Technology
Taylor Fukunaga - 3rd place, Prepared Speech
Rondel Garcia - 3rd place, Internetworking
Reyan Lee - 1st place, Related Technical Math
Destiny Shishido - 2nd place, Related Technical Math
John Colin Uson - 3rd place, Automotive Service Technology
Julianne Viernes - 1st place, Architectural Drafting

Waipahu Robotics Team on to States!!!



Congratulations to team 2477X, the Marauder Rascals, for finishing first at the 2019 Crusader VEX Tournament! After three 2nd place finishes in a row, 2477X and their alliance team 2437B, Lancer Robotics, pushed through the competition to take their place as tournament champions. This competition win qualifies our team to participate in the upcoming Hawaii VEX State Championship in Hilo this January. The team also took home the Design Award for their effective and efficient robot design.



* Tournament champions; team 2477X’s drive team and their alliance partners. Neriz Galacgac, Kyle Calucag, and Joanna Del Rosario.





* Team 2477X posing with their Design Award. Andrew Narciso, Kyle Calucag, Neriz Galacgac, and Joanna Del Rosario.





IET Metal Working Technology Students Tour Honolulu Community College Campus to Gain Knowledge of Post-Secondary Options




On Friday, September 27, Metal Working Technology students from the Academy of Industrial and Engineering Technology, spent the morning touring possible post-secondary options available from Honolulu Community College (HCC). The students primarily focused on HCC’s Sheet Metal, Welding, and Carpentry Programs. At the conclusion of the tour, the students gained a better understanding of these programs and opportunities HCC offers.

Looking at the Sheet Metal Program, students learned that a one-year Certificate of Achievement can lead to entry into the Hawaii Sheet Metal Workers Apprenticeship Training, where entry level apprentices earn about twenty dollars per hour. Upon completion of the apprenticeship training, which takes about five years, a journeyman sheet metal worker takes home a total package, including benefits, about seventy dollars per hour.

Students interested in the Welding Program can earn an Associates in Applied Science Degree. They will learn the different welding processes: Gas Welding and Cutting, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, and Plasma Cutting. Welding Technology students may gain employment with the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Ironworkers, or Pipefitters Union.

HCC’s Carpentry Program also offers an Associates in Applied Science Degree. This program teaches students skills in building and construction pertaining to foundation, framing, and finishing. Students also do community service such as replacing the flooring or roofing of a kupuna’s house. Upon completion of the Carpentry Program, students can choose to enter the Hawaii Carpenters Apprenticeship and Training Fund.

Senior, Directed Studies Metal Working Technology Student, Joshua Ponce expressed; “The Sheet Metal Program interests me because it only takes a year to finish. You can start working after that. I want to learn more about the Sheet Metal Program. The pay also seems good.”

Second year Metal Working Technology Student, Junior, Jonathan Espiritu noted; “I actually like both sheet metal and welding, because working with metal and making projects with metal is fun and interesting. I'm thinking about getting into HCC for welding because I enjoy welding a lot.” Jonathan also added; “Going to the HCC field trip was a good experience. I didn’t know that college was a big deal until I actually listened to the instructors explain what they do and teach.”




Tiny House Challenge

Congratulations to Waipahu High School Academy of Industrial & Engineering Technology's Tiny House! The winner of the Judges’ Choice award and the winner of the popular vote on SSFM's Facebook Poll! Waipahu will receive $1,000 from SSFM and $200 from Battery Bill's LLC. The design challenge is to develop a plan for a typical 8’ x 20’ tiny house (sized to fit on a trailer), and construct the houses as half-scale models (4’x 10’).