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Academy Faculty and Staff

Academy Staff
Academy Assistant Principal:  Elizabeth Higashi
Academy Director:  Ian Ferris
Academy Counselors:  Stacey Suzuki / Trixia Soria
Academy Faculty
Business Pathway Lead:  Todd Nakayama
Culinary Pathway Lead:  Elaine Matsuo
Law & Justice Pathway Lead:  Kelsy Kai-Yamamoto
Teacher Education Pathway Lead:  Russell Park
Wina Ababa / Tori Itamoto / Justin Pintande / Maria Snyder 
Social Studies
Jaxon Doi / Ian Ferris / Jonathan Mandia / Steven Schmidt / Tracy Takahashi /
Stephanie Tonokawa 
Marirose Daproza / Jaren Hershey / April Tornquist  
Regina Cambra / Adam Levine / Wendy Miyahara / Jennifer White 
Academy Core
Mary Julie Madarang / Kelsy Kai-Yamamoto / Elaine Matsuo / Brent Murakami /
Todd Nakayama / Russell Park 
Academy Electives
Paulo Ah Sam / Desiree Arcalas / Chih-Ling Chao / Dayna Fu / Myra Hickling /
Eric Keola / Ranelle Manaois / Will Smith / Lisa Sylva / Diana Williams / Tyler Yamamoto
Academy Support Staff
Joyce Bajet / Jeremiah Brown / Freeman Cheung / Joann Facuri / Joy Takara /
Nadine Villarmia
Note: If you need to reach any of the above Faculty or Staff, please use the Infinite Campus Parent portal for contacts.