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APPS Grade 10 House

The APPS Grade 10 House continues and expands upon the academic core subject curriculum that students began in the 9th grade.  Common threads among the four core content areas -- English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies -- include critical thinking, constructing evidence-based arguments, and written and verbal communication, all critical skills within APPS' diverse career pathways.  Click the titles below to see more about each course and instructor:
English Language Arts 10
Instructor: Ms. Silvana Bautista
Full description coming soon!
Mathematics - Geometry; Probability & Statistics
Instructor: Mr. Adam Levine
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Biology (Grade 10); Marine Science (Grade 11/12)
Instructor: Ms. Icon Reyes
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United States History & Government (Grade 10); Sociology / Psychology (Grade 12)
Instructor: Mr. Jaxon Doi, Bachelor of Arts - World History; Master of Education - Secondary Education Teaching (Social Studies)
Passionately guided by Jaxon Doi, a lifelong student and teacher of History, students experience an exciting whirlwind tour of American History dating from the late 1800s through the present.  Topics include immigration, urbanization, global American power, the World Wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, and contemporary issues and challenges.
The main driving question in this History course is, "SO WHAT?"  Thus, the course emphasizes relevance to students' own lives.  Students will understand the present by learning about the past; and when they understand the present, they'll also be able to plan for a better future. 
Students will study both history and the present to form their own answers to questions such as:
  • Why is there such a huge gap between the rich and the poor?
  • How did the US get so wealthy and powerful?
  • Why do wars happen?
  • How much should the government help people?
  • How can I be the change I wish to see in the world?
Throughout the year, students are taught to form, communicate, and defend their own evidence-based opinions on issues such as the role of government, war & peace, civil rights & liberties, and political power dynamics.  Videos, music, technology such as the Google Suite, and innovative teaching techniques frequently augment an emphasis on reading, writing, and critical thinking.
US History APPS students use Design Thinking to develop a project that will help with poverty-related community needs.  11/12/2019
APPS US History students use Design Thinking to develop their "Power Over Poverty" projects.  Students learn about historical and modern-day causes and effects of poverty, in America and the Waipahu community.  They then design projects that make a real-world impact on poverty-related needs in our community.