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Appealing an Absence

Students, if you would like to appeal your absence, please take a picture of your doctor's note and attach the photo via email to our Attendance Clerk, Ms. Jeanette Spencer at [email protected]
Instructions on emailing the Attendance Clerk, please craft the email traditionally:
1. On your WHS Gmail, create a new email
2. Address the email to Ms. Jeanette Spencer by copying and pasting her email address: [email protected]
3. Make sure to write student's name and period(s) they were absent in the email
4. Attach your file (jpeg or PDF)
5. Send email to Ms. Jeanette Spencer
If you have questions, please contact the school. Thank you!
Click on the pdf below to read through the attendance policy.  Thank you to our Leeward District Bilingual School-Home Assistants for the translations.