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College Readiness and Academic Success Hawaii (CRASH) Program

Welcome to the CRASH Program!



In order to prioritize our community's health and safety, students will be given a choice to participate in the CRASH program through one of the following options:


Students and their parent/guardian(s) can participate and attend the CRASH events online via Google Classroom and live sessions on Google Meet. Students will be invited to join a Google Classroom according to their grade level. Live sessions on Google Meet will be on the Thursday during the week of the CRASH event. 


OPTION 2: Non-Virtual CRASH
Students who prefer to participate in CRASH non-virtually will be provided hardcopy packets of CRASH modules. The packets will be delivered to students class.


In both options, students can earn points based on the number of activities they participate in to be eligible to apply for the CRASH scholarship. Read the new requirements here. 

Previously, students were required to attend at least three CRASH events and write an essay. Since this year's program will be continue to be hosted virtually, to be eligible to apply for the scholarship, students must earn 80 points with the highest possible points acquired being 100 points. The scholarship will still require a written essay.

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