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Athletic Requirements

To participate in Waipahu High School's Athletic Program, ALL of the following information listed below must be completed. The forms and videos are provided for your convenience.  If you need hard copies, please stop by our front office.
Forms 1-4 need to be turned in:
1. Signed Athletic Physical Form by Doctor and Parent
2. Signed Assumption of Risk Form
3. AAF (Athletic Acknowledgement Form)
4. Student Publication/Audio/Video Release Form
Parents will need to watch/read:
1. Risk Management Video
2. Waipahu Parent Covid-19 Information  
3. Parent/Student - DOE Parent Handbook
4. Concussion Education
Student requirements with school needed:
1. Completed PTP (ALL 12th Graders)
2. ALL Dues Paid
3. NO outstanding Obligations
*Obligations and Dues can be checked at the Administration Office or by calling 307-9555. Dues payments can be made throughout the summer at the Administration Office, or mailed in with a stamped self-addressed envelope included with payment. We also have dues collection for specific grade levels, you can find the dates in our School Calendar